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SIMEI 2019, between oenology and bottling

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SIMEI 2019, between oenology and bottling: a weight issue. "Innovative and cross-". These adjectives are the two chosen by Ernesto Abbona, President of the Italian Wine Union, to present SIMEI 2019, the leading international trade fair for wine-making and bottling technology, which will be held on 19

Portable pH electrode LAQUATwin – Horiba!

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Get to know the different pH portable electrode configurations LAQUATwin line brand Horiba! Contact Us If you are interested in receiving a quote, leave us your contact and we will follow up to your request within 24 hours.

Ultrasound to improve wine quality

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Ultrasound to improve the Quality of Wine Researchers from the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the University of Cadiz have developed a new method to extract and determine the amount of amino acids that contain the grapes. These compounds, in addition to favoring the development of floral aromas in wine, They are part

pH analysis guide in wine

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pH analysis guide in wine pH is one of the most important analytical tests in winemaking. pH measurements begin in the harvest and end when the wine is bottled. The accuracy of a pH measurement will impact many winemaking operations, as fermentation,

The vineyards to wine: The importance of data loggers

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The vineyards to wine: The importance of data loggers The wine has always occupied an important place in our culinary culture. However, there are many details about its production unknown to, but that make all the difference in the quality of the final product. Accordingly the grape harvest to the

Zahm & Nagel

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Zahm & A nail Tame & Nagel is a small family business which was founded in 1908, in Buffalo, New York, made up of members of the family Zahm and Nagel family. In 1954, already spent many years in the production of quality control equipment for the beverage industry, a