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VELP – magnetic stirrers for large volumes

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VELP - Nova Série MSL de agitadores magnéticos para grandes volumes A nossa representada Velp lança agora a sua nova linha de agitadores magnéticos, designed especially for large volumes or very viscous liquids. O sistema de agitação magnética é feito através de motores sem escovas que garantem uma excelente

The new FIWE has been launched by our represented Velp!

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FIWE ADVANCE – O analisador automático de fibras solúveis e insolúveis de acordo com as normativas ISSO e AOAC. Este analisador totalmente automático combina a precisão e exatidão dos resultados com a maior facilidade de utilização e conectividade com a plataforma

Technology leader in rapid analysis of life for frying oils

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The frying oil is widely used by restaurants, families and food industries kitchen procedures worldwide. The oils of fatty acids undergo oxidation, which is recognized as one of the main factors influencing their life and production of rancid. The oxidation stability of oils

elementary combustion analyzers CN 802

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Elementary combustion analyzers CN 802 is a versatile, cloud-enabled e totalmente automatizada para determinação de carbono e azoto, a wide range of applications. Pharmaceutical Industry Water Quality Food and Beverage Dairy Products Research and Dev.

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Win a AREX-6 Digital Probe

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The ERT will randomly select one AREX-6 Digital Probe among customers who make the subscription to our newsletter. The draw takes place on 13 of January 2020. sign up! INTRODUCTION Regulation 1.1. Entries should be made until the day 31

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