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New micro centrifuge for daily use!

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HERMLE: New micro centrifuge for daily use! Another innovation in this machine is a built-in LED light that serves as a status indicator of the centrifuge operation, so that it is easily identified, same distance. The new Z 167 M is an ideal micro centrifuge to procedures

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Hermle From 1956 Hermle which manufactures and sells centrifugal, now over 40 years of experience has a very extensive worldwide distribution and diversificada.O production program was entirely redesigned and improved to ensure maximum efficiency, versatility and simplicity of handling and equipment of programming. The Hermle produces

Lab Represented

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Lab.ERT - Represented Our portfolio is the result of a constant search for better solutions and innovations in the international market últivas. Before every need, We seek answer in our represented manufacturers and new. We are focused on match every request: if there is no market, we manufacture!


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A é ARE, since the beginning of its activity, for more than 30 years, distinguished by excellence in providing technical services, consistently provided by a team that, proud to say, It constitutes the majority of our human resources. Our technical team consists exclusively of qualified professionals. It is a multidisciplinary team, where the


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