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Chernobyl – A powerful safety message

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Chernobyl - uma poderosa mensagem de segurança para o mundo A recente estreia da série da emissora britânica Sky Atlantic TV, Chernobyl, We had a great impact on viewers, I brought back a powerful message about the catastrophic consequences of radioactivity, both for people and for the environment.

Zahm & Nagel

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Zahm & A nail Tame & Nagel is a small family business which was founded in 1908, in Buffalo, New York, made up of members of the family Zahm and Nagel family. In 1954, already spent many years in the production of quality control equipment for the beverage industry, a

Ritter's representation at the 27th EUBCE

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Ritter's representation at the 27th Conference and Exhibition on European Biomass Riiter, mark represented by ERT, It is to be present at the 27th Conference and Exhibition on European Biomass (EUBCE 2019) held this year in Lisbon, between the days 27 a 30 May. The EUBCE became the main


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Kanomax The Kanomax offers solutions and services that adapt the precision measurement technology to fluids and particles. A major focus of Kanomax has been to support the overall well-being and quality of life in areas such as the environment, health and energy. The product development aims to maintain


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Kruess A.Krüss Optronic is a leading manufacturer of optoelectronic measuring devices and analytical instruments of high precision. The family business founded in 1796 It offers an extensive range of products and customized solutions for quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry, chemistry, petrochemistry, food and drinks. This manufacturer is very focused on development

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Gas detector portable dual-range, o Gas-Pro TK

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Crowcon launched a portable gas detector dual range, the Gas-Pro TK TK The Gas-Pro is available for methane, propane or butane. The dual range of flammable gas sensor measures to 100% vol in inert environments (low oxygen concentration); automatically, changes to a range of