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Atago – handheld refractometers series Hikari

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Atago - Refratómetros portáteis série HIKARi A representada da ERT, Atago, recently launched a series of handheld refractometers for measuring Brix scale in fruits. The same features as strong advantages: o nível de açúcar pode ser medido através da colocação da fruta diretamente sem necessidade de cortar


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Atago ATAGO is a leader in research and development of optoelectronic devices, namely, refractometers. Founded in 1940 in Japan, its reputation is known worldwide, being present in 154 countries on the planet. Their products have a wide applicability in industry, since the processing of food and beverages

Lab Represented

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Lab.ERT - Representadas O nosso portfólio é o resultado de uma busca constante pelas melhores soluções e últivas inovações no mercado internacional. Before every need, We seek answer in our represented manufacturers and new. We are focused on match every request: if there is no market, we manufacture!


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A é ARE, since the beginning of its activity, for more than 30 years, distinguished by excellence in providing technical services, consistently provided by a team that, proud to say, It constitutes the majority of our human resources. Our technical team consists exclusively of qualified professionals. It is a multidisciplinary team, where the


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