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ERT: yesterday, Today and tomorrow

A ERT It was founded in 1986 with the aim of providing a differentiated and personalized service, seeking to fill your customers' needs.
With an experienced team and highly qualified, a ERT provides after-sales service quality and versatility, customer focused above all.
During the more than 30 years of constant evolution, a ERT joined as partners the best scientific equipment manufacturers, never forgetting the continuous technological advancement that makes us to be in constant study of market news. We focus our work mainly in two areas: laboratory equipment and detection and gas analysis. Our know-how is a reference to national level since the beginning of the company, and is reflected in the monitoring provided from advice on choosing the best possible solutions to the amazing results obtained in the most complex technical services.

The most recent years in ERT They are marked by growth, with new facilities and a more numerous and qualified staff.
Increasingly we develop and manufacture equipment with our signature, in order to fill gaps we find in the market.
We constantly optimize our internal structure, developing innovative projects and improving our performance at all levels.

We believe in sustainable development.

We believe in fair and transparent sale.

We believe that each request deserves our best attention and Availability.

We believe in the importance of knowing and keep up with our customer.

We believe in strong business relationships and long-term.

Quick New Departments

"specialized equipment in the Life Sciences."
"Supply of water purification equipment."
"Installation, maintenance and repair of scientific equipment."
"Projects for key laboratory in hand. "
"Equipment for environmental analysis."
"Supply and Field Instrumentation maintenance and Electromechanical Equipment"


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