A ARE is, since the beginning of its activity, for more than 30 years, distinguished by excellence in providing technical services, consistently provided by a team that, proud to say, It constitutes the majority of our human resources.

Our technical team consists exclusively of qualified professionals. It is a multidisciplinary team, where the young espírijo, energy and dynamism of the new technical intersects with the experience and wisdom of professionals with over 40 years of experience in the field. Our professionals are accredited and certified by our represented.

Having under our responsibility analytical high-precision instruments, our work is close and perfectionist. In each situation, whether repair, calibration, or maintenance, we are focused on detail from the study of equipment and respective evaluation to final testing.

After sales – Laboratory

a laboratory It is a world of equipment and we are available to assess any problems with equipment, advising the customer on the technical and economic feasibility of repair, with transparency and professionalism.

established maintenance contracts periodically for equipment that warrant, intending to, thus, prevent corrective interventions, causing greater disorder, also associated with a higher cost. Like this, we want to ensure the maximum performance of the equipment and the extension of its useful life.

We perform, whenever necessary, the facilities of the equipment supplied by ERT, or any other equipment on request.

We perform, Additionally, certain modifications that the client wishes to make the equipment, for to go more against their nessecidades or to optimize its performance. In some cases we may even build O equipment root.

After sales – Gases

equipment gas detection instruments are of utmost importance when it comes to personal protective operators in more industries vairiadas. As such, they should find themselves always in perfect working order. A ARE It offers maintenance services of these equipment, including checking their general condition, calibration, repair and exchange of sensors.

We provide, Additionally, rental services detectors, either for replacement during maintenance of equipment or long-term lease.

Our technical team provides support in designing and installation of fixed systems analysis and gas detection.

After sales – Turnkey

Recently, ERT founded his latest department: he key.ert.
The Key.ERT's mission is to provide its customers, laboratories “Key-in-hand”. Our work begins in the evaluation of the space where it intends to build the lab and on the needs of each client. Like this, We design and design the distribution of necessary furniture and stationary equipment, and all the infrastructure necessary for the installation of the same.
IS, also, our responsibility, the respective supply and installation. The process ends with the start of all units and staff training.

Use Optimization

The analytical support conducted by ERT aims to provide customers the best use analysis equipment, so they can fully enjoy its funcionabilidades and, thus, get better results with less effort and time invested. This service involves the initial formation of the team during the equipment installation and monitoring of results.

We are available to analyze and assist in the optimization methods already in place and the implementation of new analytical methods, always complying with the legal provisions in force. We organize workshops for training users in the use and maintenance of equipment and systems.

  • Analytical

  • Training and installation

  • Optimization Methods

  • Side dish

  • Workshops

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