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Chernobyl – A powerful safety message

By |2019-07-12T15:03:13+01:00|News|

Chernobyl - uma poderosa mensagem de segurança para o mundo A recente estreia da série da emissora britânica Sky Atlantic TV, Chernobyl, We had a great impact on viewers, I brought back a powerful message about the catastrophic consequences of radioactivity, both for people and for the environment.

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Atago – handheld refractometers series Hikari

By |2019-07-08T10:06:50+01:00|News|

Atago - Refratómetros portáteis série HIKARi A representada da ERT, Atago, recently launched a series of handheld refractometers for measuring Brix scale in fruits. The same features as strong advantages: o nível de açúcar pode ser medido através da colocação da fruta diretamente sem necessidade de cortar

The OxiTop i-line measurement of BOD

By |2019-07-01T10:51:46+01:00|News|

A linha OxiTop-i vem trazer nova tecnologia à medição BOD A WTW, marca da Xylem Analytics, It presents the new heads of BOD measurement that enable abandon completely the manual calculation data, as well as its manual entry in tables and graphs. Aqui ficam algumas das características desta

Environmentally friendly packaging!

By |2019-06-27T16:04:21+01:00|News|

Cole-Parmer has implemented environmentally friendly packaging! Marcas como a Stuart, Electrothermal, Jenway, Techne, and PCRmax, todas pertencentes ao grupo Cole-Parmer, vão começar a usar um sistema “wrap and hold” para embalar os seus equipamentos. This system is an efficient alternative and environmentally friendly! Cada vez se

MadgeTech certification

By |2019-06-27T15:59:29+01:00|News|

MadgeTech certification Our represented MadgeTech announces that it is now certified by ISO 9001:2015. Therefore, joins the organizations certified by ISO 9001:2015. This recent certification by the brand focuses on quality management fundamentals, and is therefore verification of quality products and services

New micro centrifuge for daily use!

By |2019-06-27T16:02:08+01:00|News|

HERMLE: New micro centrifuge for daily use! Another innovation in this machine is a built-in LED light that serves as a status indicator of the centrifuge operation, so that it is easily identified, same distance. A nova Z 167 M é uma micro centrífuga ideal para procedimentos de

Workbench with adjustable height!

By |2019-06-27T16:15:43+01:00|News|

BELAIR 56 hysto: Workbench with adjustable height! While Nova da hote Momoline, model BELAIR 56 hysto, It is now available with a new feature: bacada height adjustable work. This innovation comes to offer all users maximum comfort and safety while working, in

The vineyards to wine: The importance of data loggers

By |2019-06-27T16:16:29+01:00|News|

The vineyards to wine: The importance of data loggers The wine has always occupied an important place in our culinary culture. However, there are many details about its production unknown to, but that make all the difference in the quality of the final product. Accordingly the grape harvest to the

Monitoring of air quality Kanomax

By |2019-06-27T16:18:50+01:00|News|

Monitorização da qualidade do ar Kanomax Transducer A qualidade do ar num espaço fechado depende de diversos fatores. The air may contain particles harmful to human health, airflow may be too weak or too strong, the temperature may be inadequate or unstable. A qualidade do

3 modules and up 4 different gases

By |2019-06-27T16:19:29+01:00|News|

Simultaneous analysis with 3 up to modules 4 gases diferentes Para poder adaptar o sistema de medição de forma tão flexível quanto possível a tarefas de medição individuais, the individual components are designed in a modular way. For this purpose, foi criado um sistema modular no qual os diferentes componentes,