Our represented LAUDA has renewed its range of thermostatic baths. With a new design and improved performance, the new LAUDA Hydro line features a range of water baths of 25 a 100 ° C for the laboratory with volumes from 4 at 41L.

The water baths of the LAUDA Hydro series are perfectly equipped for all laboratory applications and guarantee an even temperature distribution without local overheating. LAUDA Hydro water baths with precise temperature distribution and optional circulation have been developed for the needs of biological laboratories, medical or biochemical.

LAUDA Hydro's water baths, made of high quality stainless steel, offer the right depth and opening for each application, with bath volumes of 4 a 41 liters. All water baths offer a temperature range of up to 100 ° C with a temperature stability of ± 0,1 K, so that applications in the boiling range are also possible. The TFT color display guarantees intuitive operation with a temperature display in ° C and ° F.

Minimum working temperature: 25ºC

Temperature stability: ±0.1 K

Maximum working temperature: 100ºC

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