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Founded in 1961 em Wertheim, in Germany, the Vacuubrand offers the most comprehensive family of products for generation, measurement and control for high to low vacuum applications in the laboratory, having reached a place among the major area suppliers.
The supply efficiency and reduces the vacuum control use of resources, reduces costs and increases laboratory productivity, so all Vacuubrand products are well suited to combine high performance with a lifetime average above, low maintenance costs and low energy expenditure. noteworthy, still, ongoing supervision and simplification of the Vacuubrand production process in order to minimize the production of waste and energy expenditure, resulting in a healthy work environment for its employees and a minimal impact on its surroundings.


Diaphragm pumps / Diaphragm pumps resistant to chemicals / Vacuum valves and flanges / rotary vane pumps / Units pump for high vacuum / Local Network vacuo / Aspiration systems / Vacuum gauges and controllers / Embedded and OEM pumps

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