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Stuart belongs to Bibby Scientific Group, It is the market leader in equipment for measuring the melting point and distillers.
Specialist vital equipment for any laboratory, basic equipment such as homogenizers, heating plates, among others. They have at their disposal over 100 scientific equipment, including heating blocks, rotary homogenizer, counters colonies, Vacuum pump, heating plates with and without stirring, shakers, baths and incubators.
All equipment is designed bench, manufactured and marketed to ISO9001:2008. They intend to quality above everything and total customer satisfaction.


Block Heaters / counters colonies / Homogeneizadores / heating plates with and without stirring / incubators / Meters melting point / Vortexs / rotary evaporators / Shakers e Rockers / Baths and water purifiers / Floculadores / Heating Mantles / Homogeneizadores / Centrifuges

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Colony Counters

Incubator S1500

Incubator 1505

mini Centrifuges

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