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Founded in 1994 by a team of experienced engineers, and design experts, Major Science draws, manufactures and markets laboratory equipment to support scientific research in the life sciences laboratories.
Its operations center is based in Saratoga, California and Science Major provides products and high quality services to biotechnology companies and academic institutions worldwide.
Major Science provides tools with the latest technology consistently for the bio-industry, with a range that covers almost all the needs of a laboratory, investing primarily in bioreactors for fermentation and cell culture. The Winpact family offers a wide range of fermentation systems and includes many of the most commonly used bench equipment in the life sciences. In addition, Major Science also offers a range of other common use of equipment in laboratories, to fill the remaining needs, Electrophoresis as, PCR, etc.
Major Science sells its equipment through its distributors at a global level, that ensure all support in sale, installation and maintenance of its products in any region of the world.
All Major Science equipment are produced complying with international quality standards, ensuring exceptional performance.

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