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The HORIBA Group consists of 49 companies across 27 countries, providing worldwide a wide range of instruments and systems.
Its activity is developed in various sectors such as automotive research, process and environmental control, medical diagnostics in vitro, semiconductor manufacturing and metrology, for a wide range of scientific research and quality control. Proven quality and trustworthy performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA brand.
The values ​​of the group are focused on social responsibility, building innovative products for scientific advancement, with special focus on the health, security and environment.
"HORIBIANOS" as they are called are all employees HORIBA, which together constitute a large family spread all over the world, and whose mission is to provide the best analytical solution for all customer needs.

The Horiba Scientific produces high quality equipment for environmental analysis and control, as well as process instrumentation. Horiba's products are known for high precision, robustness and technology. They are an excellent example of Japanese manufacture of high quality.

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