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Hanna Instruments was founded in 1978, Limena, Italy, Oscar and Anna Nardo.
Since then, Hanna Instruments has become a world reference in the development of analytical instrumentation.
The origin of its success is the development of new instrumentation for users who usually did not use instrumentation.
In the years 80 Hanna mission was to devise an accurate pH meter, easier to use and economic.
This was achieved with the launch of PHEP (Acronym for pH electronic paper, in English).
With this meter, the analytical measurement of pH has become accessible to all, since the farmer intended to measure the soil pH to the graphical operator needed to measure the pH of the dampening water, having an alternative to litmus paper and chemical indicators.

Many of the innovations launched by Hanna are now the norm in the instrumentation industry.

pH electrodes with integrated temperature sensor / Portable pH meters with water protection / Fotómetros monoparamétricos / Portable conductivity meters with a single probe / Multiparameter meters Pocket / Multiparameter portable meters with built-in GPS.

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