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Anton Paar

In 1922 Austrian engineer Anton Paar decided to open a machine repair shop. His first customers were butchers and bakeries, but quickly his excellent work led him to universities and research institutes.
In only 10 years, the small family business expanded, the relationship with the scientific community narrowed and produced the first analytical instrument company – the chamber small-angle X-ray Kratky (1932), which is still the most widely used system of measurement gender. Since then the exchange of technology, between research and industry it was systematic and the company has evolved into the international market.
At present, Anton Paar GmbH is managed by Santner Foundation, a charitable institution, whose profits are intended for research projects in the natural sciences and techniques, and the prevention of drug abuse and rehabilitation of drug addicts.

The Anton Paar produces high quality laboratory equipment for analysis, synthesis and preparation of samples, as well as process instrumentation. Anton Paar products are known for their high accuracy and robustness, and its use has obtained great success both in industry and in research.

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