Chernobyl – a powerful message to the world security

The recent debut of the British broadcaster Sky Atlantic TV series, Chernobyl, We had a great impact on viewers, I brought back a powerful message about the catastrophic consequences of radioactivity, both for people and for the environment.

The series is based on the catastrophic nuclear disaster that occurred in Ukraine, antiga URSS, in 1986 - the biggest event ever recorded in an uncontrolled emission, to the environment, of radioactive material. The accident resulted in countless deaths, as well as in deep social and economic disruption in the USSR and Europe.

Gas masks in Pripyat, a ghost town in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

The explosion Chernobyl It resulted in a cloud of radioactive gas that traveled across Europe, including the UK; depositing on the ground in the form of 'nuclear umbrella'.
Currently there are still disturbing consequences from disaster, and according to the UK Ministry of Health, it is possible to detect trace elements Chernobyl more than 369 farms and 190 thousand sheep across Britain.
This accident was the culmination of a series of linked events, originating from human and mechanical error, causing profound changes in the attitudes of regulators. Currently associated with safety standards legislation, in various sectors improved significantly. Technology is an increasingly powerful tool for maintaining and improving security systems.

The principles of security, a nuclear installation is small or large, should remain the same. A Crowcon always dedicated to keeping people and the environment protected. Our technologies currently help organizations in various industries, including nuclear power plants, improve security on its premises and personal protection. We believe that our technologies help our customers to be protected against the hazards associated with gas.

Na Crowcon, Welcome series like Chernobyl, documenting historical disasters like this and that highlight, drastically, more real, the importance of ensuring that businesses and policy makers understand the need to implement tight security measures. Protecting people, the environment and the world.

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