Gás.ERT – Equipment rental

A dedicated Gás.ERT, also, the rental of equipment for gas detection and analysis of biogas. We have high quality equipment from leading suppliers, as Crowcon e GeoTech. Portable units provide detection and gas analysis that meet the requirements and are delivered fully calibrated and ready for use. Our gas detectors are available for short and long term rental. If your needs are rent / buy a gas detector or maintain its calibrated detector and in perfect condition, our team can help you make the right choice for your needs.

Meet some advantages:

  • Analyzers and gas detectors of market-leading brands;

  • Equipment with the best and latest technology and quality;

  • Permanent stock with various units in stock;

  • Maintenance provided by technicians accredited by manufacturers;

  • User training for all kinds of applications.

Crowcon T4

Learn about our represented and some equipment!

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