The OxiTop-i line is bringing new technology to the BOD measurement

A WTW, marca da Xylem Analytics, It presents the new heads of BOD measurement that enable abandon completely the manual calculation data, as well as its manual entry in tables and graphs.

Here are some of the features of this revolutionary new product line:

  • LCD display with the control menu;
  • Sample volume selection for direct calculation of the BOD;
  • Choose the measurement period 1 e 7 days;
  • direct presentation of the measurement curve for easy monitoring of data;
  • Presentation of the measured values ​​in mg / l to not require any conversion;
  • control LED for indicating the operating status;
  • Sample Identification facilitated;
  • strong finish in plastic in two different colors.

And the best is yet to come!

The new measurement heads can be integrated into existing systems and are compatible with all the accessories available.

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