Cole-Parmer has implemented environmentally friendly packaging!

Brands like Stuart, Electrothermal, Jenway, Techne, and PCRmax, all belonging to the group Cole-Parmer, They will start using a system “wrap and hold” to pack their equipment. This system is an efficient alternative and environmentally friendly!

Increasingly it is becoming more imperative that companies work to minimize their impact on the environment, since factors such as climate change and the increasing world population increase pressure on energy and natural resources. The social awareness of customers, and its incentives are also essential in this progress.

Consumers in the UK have reduced their use of plastic bags 85%, following the implementation of a mandatory fee for each bag requested in stores 2015. As a result of these actions, has been very clear to the general public that our use of packaging resources is exaggerated and unnecessary, It can easily be circumvented.

The decision of Cole Parmer to implement the system “Wrap and Hold” was made, she too, to minimize unnecessary packaging, It is an important step towards this supplier for a commitment to sustainability.

All the products “Wrap and Hold”, including the film used to coat products, They are fully recyclable. The system has a flexible design that seeks to optimize the amount of resources spent for each product, eliminating the need to use fillers and protection. Thus, Cole-Parmer claims to have reduced 40% the money spent on the packaging of products.

Some of our represented Cole-Parmer !